Fund 103 Guidelines

Fund 111103 – Revenue / Budget Guidelines

Fund 111103 can be used for collection of fees associated with Workshops, Conferences, or Training
Courses, etc. that is not a part of a contract or gift activity.

When funds are deposited into a FOAP with the fund 111103, a budget entry needs to be completed to create expense and revenue budget so expenses can be paid from the FOAP. In order for budget to be created the department needs to notify the Budget Office. The information needed to create budget is as follows:

  • FOAP the funds are being deposited
  •  Purpose of the funds
  •  Estimated receipts to be deposited for the Fiscal Year

Once this information is given to the Budget Office a request (BD606) is submitted to Office of State
Budget and Management (OSBM) for approval. Once approved by OSBM the necessary budget entries will be processed by the Budget Office.

Contact to have budget created:

University Budget Office
Financial Services – Div. of Adm. and Finance
Bldg. 165 – 209 E. 3rd Street

Since Fund 111103 is considered self-supporting, certain expenses are permitted. Food items are allowed in some cases with appropriate documentation as long as all participants pay a registration fee.

Registration fees for conferences, workshops, or training courses are typically collected to offset expenses such as the cost of speakers, building (room) use, handout materials, breaks, and lunches. Food items, such as refreshments or meals, and other non-state allowable items can be purchased for conferences, workshops, and training courses if the costs of these items are included in the registration fee. The registration fee should not consist exclusively of meals. The non-allowable State expenses will be processed through a clearing fund in Institutional Trust Funds, Fund 141700. When processing the payment, charge the expense to Fund 141700, the Department’s ORGN, the proper Expense Code / Account (should begin with a 7xxxx) and Program 0000. A journal entry form also needs to be prepared to move the revenue from the state 111103 fund to the clearing fund 141700.

111103 Dept ORGN 5xxxx 0000 D
141700 Dept ORGN 5xxxx 0000 C

The amount transferred should be the exact amount required to cover the cost of the expenses. The direct payment form and the Journal Entry Form must be submitted simultaneously for processing to
Institutional Trust Fund Office.

Contact for processing payment and ID/Journal Entry:

Institutional Trust Fund Office
Financial Services – Div. of Adm. and Finance
Financial Services, Mail Stop 203