State Budget Policy

The State Executive Budget Act (Chapter 143C of the General Statutes of North Carolina) constitutes the legal basis for the budget system in North Carolina.  The Office of State Budget and Management issues directives to ECU through the UNC General Administration.  These directives serve as a basis for the preparation and submission of budgets as may be required by the General Assembly.

The Board of Governors of The University of North Carolina System is required by G.S. 116-11 (9) to present a single unified request for funds for the continuing operation of each institution of the University System.  The statute specifies that appropriations in response to the Continuation Budget requests be made directly to individual units of the University System.

The Change Budget requests and Capital Improvement requests are submitted by the Board of Governors without regard to the individual campus affected.  After legislative approval is obtained, the Board of Governors allocates to ECU those portions of Change Budgets and Capital Improvements Budgets which they determine are necessary for the programs and activities at ECU.

The Executive Council is responsible for the preparation of the budget estimates for the institution and the assignment of the institution priorities.