Budget Transfer Info

There are two main types of budget transfer entries:

  • Processed by the Budget Office—BD01/BD02/BD03/BD04
    • BD01/BD03 are only keyed by Budget Office staff
    • BD02 is Permanent
    • BD04 is Temporary
  • Processed in Self Service—B11/B22/B44
    • B11 is Permanent
    • B22 is Temporary between operating accounts
    • B44 is Temporary between operating and non-salary accounts and are routed to the Budget Office for approval



From    111101-720101-72000-0000

To         111160-720101-73600-0000


From    111101-550702-73400-0000

To         111101-550702-60521-0000

Remember, benefit accounts and student/nonstudent accounts are hard accounts to remem-ber when to use the ‘account pool’ from the hierarchy report or not. There are a few accounts that have been created just for reporting purposes and these are the two (60500/61200). Here are the budget pool accounts that need to be used:

61202 Social Security
61205 State Retirement
61220 Optional Retirement Budget Pool
61270 Medical Insurance Budget Pool
60501 Nonstudent Pay
60521 Student Pay